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Each and every week, we will be giving you the opportunity to start your weekend £150.00 richer.

20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society, Suso and Cre8 collectively - with the remainder supporting the Club in our exciting new journey together.

You have the option to enter individual draws for £1.50 - or you can maximise your chance of winning by choosing to enter every draw on a recurring basis.

Joining the Macclesfield FC Club Lottery is quick and easy via the link below.

Anyone wishing to secure multiple entries into our weekly draw is able to do so by resubmitting their payment request online - this will generate one additional entry per request.

Please also make sure that you check out all the Terms and Conditions.

Macclesfield FC Club Lottery winners: Paul Bettany, Paul Millward, James Clarke, Michael Crawshaw.

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16th April 2021

Michael Crawshaw

lottery fund recipients